Buy a Seabob, we can help you take care of it

It is not uncommon for customers to come and try a Seabob, and then fall in love with the device and the experience it brings of sliding at full speed over and under the water. In some cases, customers try them, get to know what they can get from them … and then decide they want to buy one so they can use it as much as they wish! This is where we can make things easy for them. As the official distributors of our Seabob models, we can help […]

Maintenance: the key to good performance

What do we mean by technical maintenance? Easy, if you have a car and regularly go to a garage to change the oil and filters, you probably find you don’t get too many unpleasant surprises. It will remain in peak condition and maintained so that possible problems that may arise can be fixed early on. The same thing happens if you have a Seabob. Technical maintenance is basic so that your device is always in the best possible condition ensuring you can get in the water with it from the […]

Discover our technical Seabob service at Seabob Ibiza

Are you looking for a technical service for your Seabob? At Seabob Ibiza we have been working with these fantastic machines for more than ten years. We are sure you are already aware of our fantastic rental service and events, but did you know that we also offer Seabob technical support? Maybe you have bought a Seabob on one of your trips and now that you have it at home you are wondering how to keep it in optimum condition. The first thing to keep in mind is to ensure […]

Maybe you would describe yourself as a person who enjoys relaxing

Maybe you would describe yourself as a person who enjoys relaxing and peace and quiet, a person who would much rather take a walk in the countryside than visit a fun fair. Probably you don’t like cheap thrills and you don’t look for them. Maybe you think a seabob is not for you and you don’t like the idea of racing around in the water. however, you love to swim. And if I tell you that the seabob can be a fast and exciting machine but can also accompany you […]